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In Sight, a branding journey like no other.


It is more than simply getting a set of photos. It is an adventure into the heart of who you are. We start by visioning together, bringing clarity to who you are, what your brand is, and how you want your clients to feel when they see your images . . . then we move onward into a wardrobe/color consultation. We get clear how how your clothing, accessories, and other items relevant to your work are meant to evoke certain qualities in your images. Onward to poses. What do you love? What do you hate? And then, location.  I bring this altogether into one beautiful story of its own. It is its own journey, for sure, always tailored to each individual client. 

I call this offering In Sight - both to be seen and witnessed as well as do a deep dive on what it means to bring out different aspects of your personality and have them captured in RAW then given to you as high-resolutions JPEGs. If you desire this experience to have a sexier quality, take a look at my boudoir gallery

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