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How do you want to feel when you see your images? How do you want others to feel? 


At Paget Norton Photography, I take time to delve into what really matters to you. Whether you're changing the world through healing arts or business practices or simply helping others be more themselves, I get down to the nitty gritty of what you offer. 

Each shoot begins with a brief consultation to see if we align conceptually, aesthetically, and monetarily. When there's a green light, we get rolling. 

Through a gentle collaborative process, we begin by co-creating a moodboard. Some clients prefer to offer myriad ideas while others prefer that I offer possible locations, poses, and other aesthetics that clearly define what you are offering. 


Be assured, by the time your shoot day rolls around, you will have dialed in a number of different outfits for the day, a shot list will have been prepared, and there will always be spaciousness for creativity and spontaneity to arise. 


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