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How is a branding shoot different from a boudoir shoot? 

A boudoir photoshoot with focuses on capturing your personal sensuality, confidence, and individuality. It's all about celebrating you and your inner beauty. On the other hand, a branding shoot is designed to capture your professional image and showcase what you offer to the world. It is possible to have crossover with this and also to create a shoot that has both boudoir and branding shots.

What should I wear for my photoshoot?

Your wardrobe choices are entirely up to you. We'll discuss outfit options and styles during the consultation to ensure they align with your vision for the photoshoot. Then, I'll take a look at your clothing during the pre-shoot meeting (done in-person or on zoom). I recommend bringing a variety of outfits to the preshoot meeting, including lingerie (for the boudoir shoot), accessories, and especially a favorite piece of clothing that makes you feel good in your skin.

How long does it take to receive the edited photos after the boudoir photoshoot?

I take great care in selecting and professionally retouching the best images from your session. Typically, you can expect to do an in-person or zoom reveal within two weeks after the shoot. After you make your selections, it can take another few days to get the high-resolutions JPEGs or a few weeks to get your prints.

What should I expect during a boudoir photoshoot ?

I always start with a brief consultation to ensure we connect on a personal and aesthetic level. We'll discuss your preferences, ideas, and comfort zones. Together, we'll create a moodboard that guides the style and direction of your photoshoot. My goal is to make you feel comfortable, empowered, and beautiful throughout the entire process.

Where does the photoshoot take place?

We can conduct the photoshoot in various locations, including my studio, a carefully selected outdoor location, your home or a location of your choice. We'll work together to select a setting that makes you feel most comfortable and suits your vision.

What is the initial process when I book a photoshoot?

Each photoshoot starts with a brief consultation to determine if we align conceptually, aesthetically, and financially. Once I have a green light, you'll send me a deposit to reserve your spot. Then, we move forward by collaborating on a moodboard that's either on Pinterest or in a google doc. During this time, you are welcome to email/text/message me images that capture your desired mood/pose/styling. After we've dialed your visual goals, we'll do an in-person or zoom preshoot meeting that lasts 1-2 hours. There, I will go over poses, locations, clothing, hair and makeup, and anything else you might have a question about! This part of the process really puts you at ease as we get to know each other more and crystallize your vision for the shoot. And if you're someone who prefers to live in the mystery, don't worry. There is still spaciousness for spontaneity and last-minute outfits!

I'm nervous about being in front of the camera. How will you help me feel at ease?

I understand that any. kind of photography shoot can be a vulnerable experience, so I prioritize creating a safe, empowering, and respectful environment before, during, and after your session. I will also guide you through poses and offer encouragement to help you feel relaxed and confident. If you have modeled before, we will collaborate on different poses that best suit your vision. If you've never modeled, don't worry, I've got you!

Can I request specific editing or retouching for my photos?

Yes, you can certainly share your preferences with me, and I will take them into account during the editing process. I want your photos to reflect your vision and personality.

How much does it cost to do a photoshoot with you? 

Great question. Reach out, so I can customize a quote for you. I take into consideration your needs (digital/print/both), travel time, number of photos you need, hair and makeup (always optional), etc. If you are looking for a photographer who charges $300 for 30 images, I'm not that person. I don't run you through a set of rote poses. Instead, I carefully and thoughtfully craft each shoot (different poses and locations for different people). If you are looking for this kind of personized attention where you get the thoughtful experience and gorgeous photos you deserve, then reach out.

I need help with hair, make-up, and clothes. What do you offer in terms of help? 

All VIP packages include hair and makeup by a professional hair and makeup artist who is skilled at working with all types of hair and skin. VIP packages also include a person shopper/stylist who will help you buy clothing perfect for your body and shoot. All other packages have the option to add on hair and makeup as well as a personal shopper/stylist.

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