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I strive to create beautiful portraits that capture my clients’ unique personalities. With a background in photography, art studies, and teaching, I have developed an eye for details and a love for capturing people in a natural and relaxed way.


I am a Bay Area native, born and raised, and my family ties to the area run deep. I have also traveled all over the world and seen much art and photography, which has further informed my approach to photography.

Some people do photoshoots because they love to be seen. Others do it out of necessity. Still others do it as a gift for themselves or others. And for some, it’s an intensely personal journey of being witnessed in a way that can feel more vulnerable than public speaking. I am with you every step of this journey: from guiding you around clothing, hair and makeup, and posing, you will emerge from your session with photos you love. I approach each shoot relationally - how can I create the best connection possible, so you can relax into being and your authentic self emerge. 

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